>> 150 years of tradition<<

The companies within the RIH group look back upon a history of more than 150 years. Christ Lacke, the oldest company in the group, was founded in 1844. Shortly thereafter, in 1876, Fritze Lacke entered the coatings market for the first time. The roots of lever arch mechanism producer Interkov reach back to 1891. Nine years later, Koloman Handler GmbH was founded in Austria. In 1937, Rembrandtin Lack opened a small coatings-making facility in Donaufeld in Vienna. The Slovenian lever arch mechanism producer Niko began producing office supplies in 1946.

10 years ago, today's RIH group acquired the brand rights of Koloman Handler AG, an Austrian ring binder production company over 100 years old. This was the foundation for the development of the corporate group. Since then, the corporation has continued to develop quickly.

>> Largest European Ring Binder Mechanism manufacturer << 2002
In 2002, the management made a bold and important move. With the acquisition of the company Bensons, Ring International Holding AG became not only the largest European ring binder mechanism manufacturer, but also a globally active distributor of ring binder mechanisms and accessories. In the following years, the corporation continued to develop significantly, achieving a turnover of €47 million in 2005.

>> Market leader in Austria for street markings and corrosion protection<< 2006
RIH founded a second business pillar with the opening of the Coating Division in 2006. The long-standing industrial coatings producer Rembrandtin Lack was fully integrated within the group, which was divided into two business fields - Stationery and Coating.

>> Nearly 50% of the market share for Lever Arch Mechanisms in Europe << 2007
The group expanded significantly in 2007 through the integration of four additional companies. Ring International Holding AG acquired shares in the companies Interkov, a leading Czech lever arch mechanism producer, and Niko, a lever arch mechanism producer based in Slovenia. Together, the two companies achieve a significant market share in Europe. The coatings company Christ Lacke, based in Linz, has also been part of the holdings of the RIH group since 2007. Finally, the company Rembrandtin Powder Coating in Germany was also acquired.

The corporate group remained true to its successful course in 2008 and 2009 and acquired the majority of shares in Niko as well as acquiring Fritze Lacke GmbH, pro|office and shares in the Italian powder coating manufacturer Ecopolifix. By the end of 2008, the group had grown to a total of nearly €149 million in turnover, with the Stationery Division accounting for the majority of this figure.

>> Continuous growth  << 2010 - 2013 
Rembrandtin Farbexperte (formerly Farbteam) and pph Kunststofftechnik were successfully integrated in 2010. Since the beginning of 2011, Ecopolifix is a 100% member of the RIH group. Since 2012 the swiss company HWB Kunststoffwerke is also part of RIH. With the aquisition of the business operations of the Industrial Coatings and Core Plate Varnishes Divisions of Conti Industrial Coatings GmbH, a subsidiary of the Chemische Werke Kluthe GmbH, we did further strenghten our own Coatings Division.


In 2014, the Austrian Ring International Holding AG (RIH) became the new majority shareholder of the Slovene coatings group Helios Dom×ale, d.d. Thus, the young industry group managed to acquire the first company from a long list of planned privatizations in Slovenia. With a total turnover of about EUR 450 million, a joint production capacity of almost 170,000 tons of liquid and powder coatings, resins and decorative coatings and altogether 15 production sites, the coatings group is among the top 10 European coatings producers.