The corporate group

Business activities
Ring International Holding combines well-known nationally and internationally active companies in the areas of stationery products and coatings under one roof in order to take advantage of synergies, achieve competitive advantages and to improve the market position of the companies as well as the corporate group using bundled know-how.

Ring International Holding AG is based in Vienna and is responsible for the growth of the corporate group, the strategic business development and group-wide financing and provides efficient support to the subsidiaries in the fields of technology & IT, purchasing, communication & marketing, law, finances and controlling. The management of the subsidiaries is responsible for the operative business management of the facilities.

The corporate group seeks to continue to grow and decisively shape the development of the sectors of stationery products and coatings as well as the market environment. In order to achieve this goal, a focus has been placed on quality and innovation, as well as reliability, teamwork, cooperation and fairness. We have strategically, operatively and financially prepared ourselves for economic fluctuations. Our corporate strategy is orientated around sustainable growth, with the result that profitability comes before size.