2020: RIH invests in medical cannabis market

Austrian Ring International Holding AG (RIH) announces the successful completion of its strategic acquisition of the Canadian company Maricann Inc.
With this step, RIH has become a global provider of medical cannabis and strengthens its dominant position in Europe.

In 2017, Ring International Holding AG defined the growth industry “cannabis” as a new business division. RIH’s goal is to apply its decade-long experience as an industrially-oriented family business to the rapidly growing cannabis market.

With a cultivation area of approximately 1.5 million sq.ft. and its brands Hanfama, Ad.Mont, Carolingi, Nonna Meran, Aroton, Flinoa, and Tamacan, Ring International Holding AG is already one of the largest and most important providers of cannabis products on the European cannabis market.

Through the acquisition of Maricann, RIH extends its business activities to the American continent and operates on the largely liberalised cannabis market in Canada. Thereby, an intercontinental knowledge transfer is enabled, which will lay the basis for further development.