Ring Alliance Ringbuchtechnik GmbH

Ring Alliance Ringbuchtechnik GmbH is a leading manufacturer of ring binder mechanisms and other accessories for the office products industry. The company, headquartered in Austria, has offices in Germany, The Netherlands, Great Britain and France.

  • Ring Alliance Ringbuchtechnik GmbH (HQ)
    Alserbachstraße 14-16, 1090 Wien, Austria

    Ring Alliance Deutschland (sales office)
    Am Kirchhof 2, 27239 Twistringen, Germany

    Ring Alliance Niederlande (branch office)
    Bellstraat 7, 3861 NP Nijkerk, The Netherlands

    Ring Alliance Frankreich (branch office)
    1, rue du Roi, 60680 Canly, France

    Koloman Handler Kft (production site)
    Handler Kálmán u. 2, 2840 Oroszlány, Hungary

  • Phone
    0043-1-86681-0 (HQ, Austria)
    0049-4243-970888 (sales office, Germany)
    0031-33-2533220 (branch office, The Netherlands)
    0033-3-44373800 (branch office, France)

    0036-34-561100 (production site, Hungary)

    0043-1-86681-398 (HQ, Austria)
    0049-4243-970866 (sales office, Germany)
    0033-3-44373810 (branch office, France)

    0036-34-360024 (production site, Hungary)

  • Turnover
    EUR 12.4 million (2016)

  • Managing Directors
    Frank Niedecker (Ring Alliance Ringbuchtechnik GmbH)
    Orsolya Veszeli (Ring Alliance Ringbuchtechnik GmbH, Koloman Handler Kft)
    Helmut Freiler (Koloman Handler Kft (Co-Managing Director))

  • Established

    Joined RIH

  • Certificates
    Dun & Bradstreet certificate (for Koloman Handler)
    Triple-A-rating of Bisnode (for Koloman Handler)
    ISO 9001 (for Koloman Handler)
    ISO 14001 (for Koloman Handler)