2017: Niko nominated for GZS Award

Managing Director Rado Čulibrk is pleased with the nomination of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce for Niko’s outstanding economic performance.

Niko, together with its subsidiary Interkov, is the leading European manufacturer of lever arch mechanisms, covering a major share of the European and a considerable share of the global market. It manufactures 500,000 mechanisms a day and achieved a record turnover of 30.5 million € in 2016 – an increase of almost 10 % compared to the year before, with a still increasing trend from 2017 onwards.

Niko’s strong R&D department develops new products every single year, making it the most innovative company in the industry. The company has been delivering metal products not only to companies in the office products industry, but also to the car, construction, wood and upholstery industries for years. In 2013, Niko was officially awarded the ISO TS 16949 quality standard, a certification used specifically in the car industry and expects to make 10 % of its total turnover with this industry in 2018. Niko takes its leading role in the industry very seriously: In 2006, it managed to start an anti-dumping initiative against Chinese competitors, which has been prolonged ever since, thus protecting the European market for lever arch mechanisms against unfair competition. Furthermore, Niko is a stable employer with over 200 employees.

The openness to conquer new business lines, good cooperation with the headquarters and the unwavering courage to venture into new terrain, while still being true to its core business, are exactly the qualities that make Niko successful in the long-term. Another key factor of Niko’s success is its strong team, led by its managing director, Mr. Rado Čulibrk. During his successful 23-year leadership, sales have increased by 400 % and many new markets have been entered, not only geographically (Turkey, Switzerland, France, Poland, Lebanon, South Africa, Spain, and Greece), but also industry-wise (car industry).