2021: RIH AG acquires Burger King Scandinavia

Ring International Holding AG (RIH) has acquired the majority shares in Burger King Scandinavia and thus also the master franchise rights for the countries Sweden, Norway and Denmark. This acquisition marks RIH’s successful entry into the “quick service restaurants” sector and defines another sustainable milestone in Ring Holding’s corporate history.

RIH was able to expand further on the basis of solid growth, even in times of the Corona crisis, and has seized the opportunity to further expand its business areas: RIH has actively entered the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry by acquiring 90% of Burger King stores in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. For this project and the operational management of the existing ~250 stores, RIH has brought two successful managers and recognized experts in the QSR industry, Andreas Hacker (former COO Mc Donalds worldwide) and Elias Diaz Sese (former CEO Tim Hortons and Burger King) on board. The combination of RIH’s many years of expertise in managing companies and its reorganization experience, as well as the expertise of the two QSR experts, provides the foundation for sustainable and stable economic development and promises great potential for a successful entry into the QSR industry. Together, innovative solutions will be provided, especially in times of COVID-19, in order to exploit their full potential in existing and future markets and to profitably use opportunities.
“On the one hand, we see a trend towards “quick service”, which is also confirmed by the increasing importance of home delivery and drive-through sales; on the other hand, we want to develop the product portfolio more in the direction of sustainability and alternative product categories in order to appeal to additional customer tiers.” (Dkfm. Ralph-Leo Lanckohr, LL.M.)