2023: MAKE IT POP! Popeyes conquers Great Britain and opens more stores

Cambridge celebrated the three-day opening of a new Popeyes restaurant. The accompanying video gives a sneak peek of the chicken hype that continues in the U.K. with the latest opening – and there’s no end in sight.
The prominent question of when and where the next Popeyes store will open was recently revealed by Tom Crowley (CEO of Popeyes UK) in an interview with The Daily Mirror. The full interview, as well as which achievement Crowley is particularly proud of this year, can be read at the following link: https://www.mirror.co.uk/money/popeyes-opening-7-new-uk-29212459

Popeyes “JOIE DE VIVRE” has now definitely arrived in the UK and Ring Holding looks forward to the upcoming openings that will accompany the Chicken Nation’s journey this year.